Ecursion Mer d'Emeraude

Excursions in the Emerald Sea

Diego Suarez is a charming place in the north of Madagascar, not to be missed. From Ramena, a small village a few kilometers from Diego Suarez, you will embark on a sailing boat for an exceptional day. After a short hour of navigation, we arrive on a deserted island. On the program: discovery of the island and the marine life, underwater hunting for lunch. Small barbecue at the edge of the paradise sea of turquoise color.

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Excursions à Nosy Hara

Excursions to Nosy Hara

If you are looking for an incredible tropical destination to explore the mysteries of the deep sea, Nosy Hara is your place. This island is home to 5 species of sea turtles, 279 species of fish and 108 different varieties of coral. For scuba diving enthusiasts, Nosy Hara offers some of the best scuba diving and sport fishing sites in Madagascar. On land, you’ll find equally diverse flora and fauna, including 30 species of birds, 18 types of reptiles and the world’s smallest chameleon. If you’re looking for an intimate nature getaway, consider spending a few days camping at Nosy Hara – there are shelters and tents available for visitors.

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Excursions à Tsingy Rouge

Excursions to the Red Tsingy

Red Tsingy is a unique and beautiful place that you must visit if you are in the Diego Suarez region of northern Madagascar. It is an incredible site to explore, with high cliffs that offer a magnificent view of the canyon below, as well as a hiking route that goes through the heart of this extraordinary rock formation.

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Excursions aux Trois Baies

Excursions to the Three Bays

A hike begins at Sakalava Bay and continues into Pigeons Bay and Dunes Bay. The Three Bays will not only show you a beautiful panoramic view of the bay, but also allow you to swim in crystal clear waters. With the opportunity to observe natural beauty and adventure, this is a perfect hike for those who love to explore new things.

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Excursions Ampondrafeta

Excursions to Ampondrafeta

Ampondrafeta beach is an incredibly beautiful wide beach with white sand and clear blue water. A good place to walk, swim, practice kitesurfing… and especially to camp. You can enjoy grilled fish and squid for lunch and dinner.

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Montagne des Français

The French Mountain

Located a few kilometers from the city of Diego Suarez, on the road to Ramena, it has the advantage of being close to the city and is considered as one of the sanctuaries of floristic biodiversity of the Northern Region of Madagascar.
To the nature lovers, to the hikers, for your moments of relaxation and outing with family or friends: the French Mountain opens its door to you to discover its nature, to relive its fascinating stories and also to attend the splendid sight on the bay of Diego, the “Pain de Sucre” and the city of Diego Suarez.

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Parc National Montagne d'Ambre

The Amber Mountain Parc National

The Amber Mountain National Park located near the town of Joffreville (Diego-Suarez province) in the northern part of Madagascar, where you can hear the sound of nature and witness the beauty of its flora and fauna. The Amber Mountain National Park is one of the richest parks in the world in terms of biodiversity with many endemic species.

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Parc National Ankarana

Ankarana National Park

The most beautiful nature reserve in Madagascar, Ankarana National Park is a place of mystery and breathtaking scenery. From high forests to dry thorny deserts, from lemur-filled forests to rainforests and beautiful rivers and waterfalls, this hiking trail will open your eyes to one of the world’s most underrated natural treasures.

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