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Excursion à Mer d'Emeraude


We can organize exceptional excursions in the northern region of Madagascar, starting from the Sakalava bay. Explore the most remarkable places of interest in the northern region as well as the endemic fauna and flora.

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Downwind en Kitesurf


The Downwind is a kitesurfing trip that will allow you to discover the most beautiful spots in this region. This raid consists in going downwind in kitesurfing, which will offer you an unforgettable experience.

You will also have the opportunity to see other kitesurfers from a distance, which is really cool!

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Location Quad

Quads Rental

Set out on a memorable journey to the northernmost point of Madagascar. This trek is perfect for thrill seekers looking for ultimate adventure. The diversity of landscapes and lands you’ll cross will amaze you – from rocky roads and dangerous rivers to lush grasslands and impenetrable mangroves.

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Jetski Rental

Jetski Rental is a service that allows you to rent a powerful jetski and enjoy a unique experience at the best price. Explore our beautiful bay of Diego Suarez and the Emaraude Sea aboard a luxurious jetski.

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Camping Bivouac

Bivouacking is the perfect way to end a day in nature. Watching the sun set over the river, turning the sky a deep red and purple, while snuggled up in our soft comforter under the tent is a really magical experience. Listening to the steady, soothing hum of crickets is the perfect way to end a day in the wild.

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